Self-Reliance forum is a program of Goblis Group Foundation, a Kenyan registered organization that is committed to building better communities through compassion, love and assistance by participating in sustainable projects that contribute towards the quality of life and independence of individuals and communities.

Self-Reliance Forum is a social enterprise accelerator platform that will nurture social entrepreneurship through enhancement of innovations and talent development by providing an intensive training program to create sustainable and responsible social impact. We are social change makers determined to stimulating creativity and focused on responsible social enterprises best positioned to deliver economic performance and creation of employment opportunities to expand Kenya’s job market and economy by harnessing the use of locally available resources.

Through Self-Reliance oriented programs, we are determined to enable young people to create their own jobs to address the major challenges facing their communities. To achieve our goal, we run an entrepreneurship program which provide an enabling environment to stimulate innovative and sustainable business ideas and eventually turn them into successful enterprises.

Our main objective is to contribute to the socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable youth and wellbeing of marginalized rural and urban communities through advocacy, capacity building, entrepreneurial training and creation of opportunities aimed at empowering for the attainment of good livelihoods through the implementation of a variety of sustainable programs.

Our Vision

To shape a better world for future generations that meets the fundamental human needs that constitute strong, economically prosperous and self-reliant communities.

Our Mission

Improve the quality of lives of the youth through the provision of service orientated programs to improve their access to health, education and economic capacity and to ensure the emotional well-being and protection.


We believe in conducting ourselves in an honest, passionate and accountable way, committed to the purpose of our vision and mission and organizational values.